Marketing Basics

Marketing Basics - student project

In this course, marketing basics will be evaluated in an interactive way which real time examples are being shared with video ads, brand campaigns etc. The purpose is to have a generic understanding of what marketing is, the types of marketing and academical view to marketing (Big Picture).


Course Outline:

Lesson 1- Introduction to Marketing

- What is Marketing?

- Why does Marketing matter? (A surprise media file example)

- Best Practices for Marketing Experiences


Lesson 2- Types of Marketing

- Conventional Marketing 

- Digital Marketing


Lesson 3- Marketing Framework - The Big Picture

- Business Objective

- Marketing Strategy

- Strategy Execution

- Results Evaluation


Assessment 1 - What is Marketing for you? (Only 1 word) - It will be funny - Believe me! :)

Please use the link below, enter the code - 11 06 13 and write 3 word to define Marketing for you. 

Results to be shared in blog.


Assessment 2 - Share minimum 1 marketing example that you inspired in your life.

Please use the course blog for this. It can be any media file, link, snapshot of screen or text. Feel free to highlight the importance in your perspective.


Assessment 3 - Share 3 TV ads which have different way of marketing. (Remember types of TV ads)


Assessment 4 - Share a 4B analysis for different marketing objectives and source of volumes for a hipermarket.

Please include all assumptions that you have done:

1- Potential retention rate

2- Potential acquisition rate (max allowable size)

3- Market penetration

4- Share of wallet (unit)

5- Strategy definition (new fast delivery system, membership system etc..)


All assessments are structured to repeat the knowledge in a funny way with real time examples. If you support your knowledge with these assessments, this will be an important experience for you about the subject.


Course Feedbacks:

This is unforgettable experience for me and I would like to improve this content and my approach about the subject and your learning. If you share your impression and what level of knowledge you gain from this course in the blog, it will be used to improve the content and the teaching styles in next sessions.


Have an outstanding learning!



Baris Ayber
Msc Mechanical Eng, MBA candidate