MarketBuddy - Personal Shoppers for Farmers' Markets

MarketBuddy - Personal Shoppers for Farmers' Markets - student project

"Personal Shoppers for Farmer's Markets"

MarketBuddy uses experienced farmer's market shoppers to become personal shoppers for people looking to get food from a farmers' market but don't have the time, commitment, or experience. This way, the barriers of entry preventing most people from going to the farmers' market are lowered, and more people can enjoy fresh, local produce.

Bigges holes in the idea:

1) Cost. The premium of the service will have to be appropriate to the value received since people are already paying for the groceries. Are people interested in paying extra for farmers' market produce?

2) Trust. Developing trust between the shopper and the buyer is critical. Customers will want to make sure their food is safe and the person going has a certain standard of credential to be a personal shopper.

3) Delivery Logistics. How and when will food be delivered? What is provided to make sure it stays fresh? WIll it be difficult for the shopper to get the food to the buyer?

MVP Solution:

Create launchrock page to gauge if there is any interest in the concept. I would also like to create a survey to better understand people's needs regarding the subject. I feel that before i begin creating a service or presentation, I need to know a lot more about the need to solve as well as the range of possible customers.

Additionally, I can take out facebook ads for the launchrock page to see where the service would be worthwhile. Slightly further out, I could create a demo or have some trial-runs with friends, almost a live prototype of the experience.

Action Plan:

Goal - Understand  interest in farmers' market service as well as determine positioning in market. I want to gather data to help define my next MVP

Success Metrics:

  • 500 Email Signups on Launch Rock page
  • 50 Surveys filled out
  • Understanding of costs people are willing to pay for service and expectations of value

Implementation -  Using facebook, twitter, and email, I will contact friends and family about the survey and ask they promote it to others. I can take out facebook ads for the launch rock page for a week as an experiment.