Market Square

Market Square - student project

Downtown Knoxville has a historic area called Market Square. It's often used for outdoor events and the farmers market. 

Market Square - image 1 - student project

Recently rental bikes were brought to the downtown area for people to ride. There are several places that have these bike racks on the sidewalks so people can drop off or grab a bike for a few hours. This rack is right next to the entrance of a parking garage.

Market Square - image 2 - student project


Several of the small side streets are closed during events and the farmers market for food trucks to set up for a good portion of the day. 


Market Square - image 3 - student project

The main walking area of the square is where stalls are set up. The booth owners who do events regularly bring tents for their stalls to handle different weather conditions.

Market Square - image 4 - student project


The businesses around the square usually rent out the upper floors as condos but some bars use the rooftops as patio space to give us a birds-eye view of the crowds below.