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Market Commute

I'm a trader and I count things in order to trade with an edge.

Every day the capital markets take a journey. It may be a short rangebound journey or a long overnight trip. Some journeys are fast. Others are slow.

Knowing what kind of journey the markets are likely to take tomorrow makes packing easier.

This is a mind map of some factors which might influence tomorrow's journey:


What I'm searching for is a way to crystalize my vision of the journey. So I looked a bit at Odds:


No insights there. Maybe here -



Maybe looking at forecasting whether tomorrow was likely to be a short journey or a long one -


Not quite.

Maybe if I looked at my ability to forecast the components of each type of journey -



So fun. Thank-you for the journey!


And then, finally...

The Playing Field.

The idea is to quickly identify the field(s) where today's game is most likely to be played.

Enter the odds into each field and adjust its size accordingly. Today's game is most likely to be played in the field with the highest odds and in the direction with the highest total odds.


Kind of a repurposed 2x2, but I wouldn't have thought of resizing the quadrants w/o this class!


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