Marker sketch

Marker sketch - student project

Hi Julia! Thank you for the helpful tips you've shared in this class. I enjoyed it!Marker sketch - image 1 - student project

Above is an image of the line art. If you'll notice the mistake I made (on a knee of the girl on the right), I corrected it with a correction fluid pen, although a white gel pen can also be used.

Ever since I saw your and other artists' marker illustrations/sketches on IG, I've always wanted to try out alcohol-based markers. I wanted to learn the techniques. That was why I asked you before if you had a class about it. I was a bit scared to go out of my comfort zone, which is watercolor. Doing some experimentations using markers is fun, though, and the end result could be rewarding because of the markers' vibrant colors, which I really love. So they have been one of my favorite mediums so far.

Because markers can be pricey and I'm just starting with them, I just bought a set of inexpensive ones that I've been using since then, which I also used for this project.

Again, thank you for the class! Marker sketch - image 2 - student project

Arlene Obmerga-van Vegchel
Illustrator/Storyteller @ ARTleneStudio