Markeplace for computer training with videocourses in emerging markets

Markeplace for computer training with videocourses in emerging markets  - student project

Marketplace for tech training (Computer training) with video courses for tech instructors and young professionals in latinamerica. We got 120,000 students now we are focusing on the instructors and content

Viral Map:


  • Tech experts/freelaners (people have created a tech project)
  • Young Professionals

2. Motivation

  • Tech Expert
  • Make more money selling courses  
  • become an authority by showing the number of students that follow him and courses he/she has made
  • Young professionals
  • Make more money by learning a new skill that can land him a new position
  • Been an authority by knowing tech skills in  the place he works (trendy feeling )
  • Make a fortune by learning how to execute his master idea (creator feeling).
  • Saving time and money by not at attending an specific day and time (freedom feeling).

3. Value

  • We charge student per class
  • We allow instructors to become experts if they have at least 50 followers or votes for their courses ideas.

4. Sharing

  • Inherent vitality: Instructures before they become an expert or publish a course need at least "add students" meaning invite his network to his course idea, every vote translate in a auto follow for him.
  • Trade vitality: Send your friends $10 in credit for courses and you get one course for free (2-way referal). 

5. Channels

  • Facebook messages with personalize name and  installation in Facebook (we hacked fb messaging system its did not allow to send messages)
  • Contact importer

6. Invites

  • Subject: I need your feedback
  • Body: [name] I got selected to teach a tech course online  I wanted to invite you, I will give it you free access ones if finish but first I would like to know your feedback about the title here is the link do you like it?
  • when he click he validates in Facebook his account
  • vote for the course idea
  • ask if he wants to be an expert and star all over again