Mark S.




-Mark Sweeney-

My name is Mark Sweeney. 

I studied Philosohpy, Politics, and Law at Binghamton University and have worked in Finance for 5+ years.  I've worked for 2 trading companies focusing on Japanese equities. 

....Now I'm transitioning into the Online Clothing space to pursue a passion of mine.  What is life without passion?

I've run with a team in a Relay Race covering 180 miles from Miami to Key West, Fla. in 24 hours.

I love 1990s rap music, I excel at individual and team sports, and I think human interaction needs re-emerge in our world.  Handshakes, eye contact, and human interaction are not possible on Facebook.

I'm focused on continually developing my career, my volunteer work with iMentor, and regaining a level of fitness that has escaped me.





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