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Mark Steele Caricature

I have been doing caricature for a few years now.. I decided to take Jon's course to hone my skills even more.. This is my first project since beginning the class.

The base line sketch to get my creative juices flowing

The finished linework.. I am working in Paint Tool Sai.. with a Wacom Bamboo Pressure Sensitive Tablet. Since I'm using Sai.. I can get pretty nice linework with the Linework Layer.

My "Base Color" Layer.. No shadows or highlights.. just the basework to lay the finished coloring on. This layer is immediately below the linework.The eyes will eventually go on a layer BELOW this layer.. thus the white out. The mouth will go on a layer above.. so it can be the base color.

Had a few minutes to work on the background.. I will call that part complete.. I MIGHT blur it a bit so as not to take away from the caricature.. Any Opinions? So far I have about 2-3 hours on the project..

Finished this up tonight... All told.. about 4-=5 hours into this project. But it turned out pretty well. and I learned a few new "tricks" on Paint Tool Sai. A success in my opinion! Thanks  for looking!

David Wendell

"Caricatures From The Bush"


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