Marjolein's bras

Marjolein's bras - student project

Hi all,

My name is Marjolein and I am a young entrepreneur from the Netherlands. Currently,  I'm a Global Scholar at the Kauffman Foundation and living in New York City. In July, I have to get back to the Netherlands to finish my MBA. 

I'm starting a business in fashionable bras for women with a non-average cupsize. I only want to create your favorite bra :). For every bra, I work together with Dutch Designers to create real fashionable bras.

So, I want to give my customers the opportunity to wear a fashionable bra and give Dutch Designers a platform for their art in an unusual way.

At this point, I found a manufacturer but am still looking for a patternmaker. This is kind of hard, there the most bras are made in China, but because I want to make bras for larger cupsizes, I need a small run manufacturer. There are not a lot of manufacturers specialized in bras, so that makes it even harder. Therefore, I decided to join this class to learn a lot more about sourcing and manufacturing. 

Below a photo from the first Dutch Designer I'm working together with for the first bra:

Marjolein's bras - image 1 - student project