Marius Volusus

Marius Volusus - student project


Type of character (protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, etc.): Protagonist

Character’s name: Marius Volusus

Goal: To become a powerful mage and serve his nation under his commander

Flaw: lack of self confidence. He wants to measure up to his father but is afraid he can't

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 150

Race: Human

Hair color: Brown

Eyes: Storm-grey

Grooming: shaggy hair, clean-shaven

Clothing: Black robe, trousers, boots 

Health issues: None

Physical abilities: Nothing special. He's lived a pretty sheltered life

Speech (accent): Not sure. His culture is based on the Roman Empire

Parents: Tatius Volusus (deceased), Portia Volusus (alive)

Siblings: None

Friends: Ludo, Keela, Orloach

Best friend (or person closest to): Ludo, the Commander's son and a talented military officer

Least favorite people: Murtanus, a journeyman mage and rival for the Commander's favor

Enemies: Commander Cyprian, the military governor of the occupied kingdom

Pets: None of his own, but likes to feed the castle hounds

Residence: Commander's palace (former home of the deposed royal family)

Neighborhood: Royal District

Cultural background: Born a mage in an empire where magic is highly valued and coveted. His culture has a history of being strongly anti-nonhuman. Orcs, elves, and dwarves are kept as slaves, or used in magical rituals, though in the beginning, Marius does not know how bad it truly is for them.

Religion (and attitudes about religion): Received religious education but his beliefs are thoroughly shaken

Memberships: Promised a place with the mage order that is the power behind the emperor's throne (still working on world-building)

Schooling: Received the best magical education, along with the promise of private tutoring from the commander

Attitude toward school: Loves learning all he can about magic. Also loves learning about other races and cultures though his country's views are biased

Popularity: Both admired and envied for his ability by his peers. Well-known by the other mage nobles who are expecting great things from him because of what his father did

Mentors: Commander Cyprian

Heroes: Commander Cyprian (not for long)

Favorite sports: Sword-fighting, though not very good at it

Work experience: About to start as the commander's apprentice and right hand

Hobbies: Reading, studying new magic, 

Likes and dislikes (music, movies, TV, books, etc.): 

                Likes: Books about magic and history, listening to stories about faraway lands, cooking                    for people he cares about, exploring new places

                Dislikes: Needlessly hurting others, Life Magic, using his power to dominate others

Fears: Not measuring up to his father's memory

Dreams: Becoming a powerful mage and doing something great for his empire

Life goals (in 5, 10, 30 years.) He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and do something just as important as he did.

Nervous habits: Has trouble keeping eye-contact

Foibles: Wants to trust his leaders, but sometimes doubts if they are right or not. Thinks too much and second guesses himself

Reasoning style: Struggles between what seems right to him and what will please everyone

How would your character’s friends describe her or him?

     Ludo: He's a good kid, but he's got some growing up to do. I just hope it doesn't change him

     Keela: I don't know if I can trust him, but we need him.

     Orloach: His heart's in the right place. I'll give him that. 

Is your character shy or bold?- A bit of both. He's not the best with other people, but when working with magic, he will try anything. Even if his experimenting ends with him burning off his eyebrows.

Is your character talkative or taciturn? - Taciturn

What most irritates, embarrasses, or bores your character? He gets annoyed when 

How would your character complete the sentence “My life is __________”?

- is going to be my own.


Other things I thought of while filling out this form:  

Before Marius was born, the emperor ordered and invasion of the northern kingdom of Solatal. The public reason was to deter a non-human invasion, but the real reason is far more sinister. Not long after, Marius's father, Tatius, and his men were ordered to murder the royal family on the pretense that they were going to sell out their own people to orc invaders. Tatius took pity on them and managed to smuggle the princess out of the city before his men discovered and killed him. They were told to cover up his treachery and say he died a hero.

As Marius grew up, he was fed stories of what a great hero his father was, and now he wants to do something just as great. When Commander Cyprian offers to take Marius under his wing just like he did for his father, he is immensely overjoyed, but that will change when he see's what he has to do.