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Marilyn in the Desert

Below is the original shot I took of the Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs. The statue is known as "Forever Marilyn," and it's 26 feet tall. I took this shot at about 9am so the lighting was pretty good, but obviously the photo needed a little love.

I took it into VSCOcam, cropped it and made a number of adjustments. I think this is the most natural look and it's my favorite of the bunch.

Then I took the new cropped image into Snapseed and played the selective adjustments to bring out the color in her face a bit.

Back in VSCOcam, I altered the photo to have a bit of a retro black and white look.

While still in VSCOcam, I wanted to try the shot with a more desert feel - with a paler sky and lighter dirt. I like this one because of the desert-feel it gives off, but ultimately I like the original shot that was cropped and adjusted in VSCOcam (photo #2 above).

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