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Marie Cheng's Storyboards: "Story from Life" Progress


1. "The Hugging Kelp" 

As a young child I would go swimming at the nearby beach often. More often than not, I found myself tangled up in an unpleasant bed of kelp upon my return to shore. It's as if the kelp are attracted to people and just like to cling onto legs, arms, and whatever limbs they find. Then one day, as I crawled back to shore after tearing another kelp off my leg, I looked around and saw all the heaps of drying, dying kelp on the sand. They looked so lonely and abandoned. Something in my 7 year old mind thought that day....what if kelp just want a hug? 

2. "Tire Swing"

Tire swings are my favorite. Once at youth winter camp I hopped into a tire swing and blissfully teetered from side to side. My friend, a few feet away, tried to capture the brilliance of the moment on his camera. As he turned to look at the results of his photo, I soared directly towards his turned back. Luckily, the tire swing only slightly grazed his head, and I gently catapulted out of the tire and onto the ground. It was a heartwarming five seconds as people gathered to make sure I was okay. Oh, I was okay. Still waiting for a chance to do that again!

3. "The Secret Bakery"

While studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I discovered the wonders of a freshly baked croissant at 3am in the morning. Where are these found, you might ask? The "secret bakeries" of Florence. In this particular instance, my friends and I had detected the delicious scent from several alleyways away, and embarked on a journey in search of the coveted croissant. We conquered dead ends, scary men hiding in the dark, and tourists all for that simple pleasure of soft, flaky dough between your hands on a cold rainy night. 


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