Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette - student project


Thank you Tom Froese!!

You are an incredible teacher. Thank you for sharing your skill with so much generosity, passion and detail.

I hope someday i can be as talented and driven and grounded as you.


Okay, I chose a historical figure for my theme. The infamous Marie Antoinette!

The Nouns 

1. Poker

2. Tea

3. Let them eat cake ( She never said that btw)

4. StyleMarie Antoinette - image 1 - student project

For the second part of the assignment, i wanted to showcase some fun facts about her life

1. She rode a donkey instead of a horse for fear of falling off.

2. She had a fake farm where she and her maidens pretended to be shepardesses for leisure.

3. She always bathe with clothes on & had herbs and flowers added to her bath.

4. She was known as 'Madam Deficit' and that's what eventually killed her.

Marie Antoinette - image 2 - student project