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Maria's Garden

This spring, I visited my family in Hungary. My parents live in a big condo complex. Although my mom doesn't have her own garden, she often plants flowers in the nearby park. She also likes walking in the neigbourhood and taking pleasure in other gardeners' work. I joined to some of these walks, and I got totally inspired by the variety of colors, shapes (and smells). So I decided to use this inspiration for my first pattern collection and I'm going to name it after my mom. :)


I also found a beautiful book in my in-laws house. It contained detailed colored photos of all the wild and cultivated French flowers. Unfortunately it was to heavy and big to fit into my suitcase, but it helped me a lot to recognize new, exciting shapes. Here's one of its pages with my mom's favorite flower, the crocus.



I revised my color palette. There wasn't any problem with the earlier one, but I wanted something more faded, more pastelly. And I decided not to follow too closely the actual flowers. I found this photo while I was reading home decor trends and I fell in love with the color composition on it.



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