Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast




I wanted to draw a female character that was:

- obstinate;

- proud;

- feminist.

I have this idea of coming up with a character to support feminism. I want to design this character and use her to illustrate messages of women's rights. I'm having a real trouble with this and though the results I show here may be good, I'm far from happy with it. I want it to be light hearted but not childish, and to deal with the subject with the due respect.

I still have a long way to go.

The first image here, I think is too childish and looks like the girl is being stubborn instead of obstinate.


This second image I like best, but I think it's not comics enough. I tend to draw things closer to reality, so I still need a lot of practice with this.


I'll try and update any progress I get on this.

And I chose Maria, because it's the most common female name in my country...Brazil.


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