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Maria Rubio

Illustrator/Color artist



Maria´s Musical Fridays


So this is my project for this course. I had already made an approach to monograms while I was in College and didn't go very well, because I have a lot of difficulties "drawing" my initial "M".
Well I have recently started a new blog and it has a section that repeats every Fridays and I thought it would be a idea to make a monogram that identified the section. And I must say that it went better than last time.

Even though the blog is new, the "Musical Fridays" are something I´ve been doing for a long time ago, you can read about it here

And since I'm a poster enthusiast I made a couple of them for special editions.


But now that this starts to roll again, I wanted to try something new so that´is why I decided to make my monogram, using the most distinctive element of all the three posters: The Vinyl disc.

So the letters used are "MMF" (Maria´s Musical Fridays), the title of the section and I chose to enclose my design in the disc, since it´s a musical section.
About the colors used I chose black for the disc and pink for the letters because it´s part of the corporate image of the blog their is not much mystery in it.
Here you can the monogram integrated in the blog.



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