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Mari Makes Studio - student project

Mari Makes Studio - image 1 - student projectMari Makes Studio - image 2 - student projectMari Makes Studio - image 3 - student projectMari Makes Studio - image 4 - student projectI’m developing a brand for my product-based business: handmade, refined gifts for the modern knitter and crocheter.


Originally my brand name was "Mari Makes Things" -- but, one, that domain isn't available, and two, I thought the "things" could be a bit ambiguous to potential customers who might ask "What are the things?" So I'm thinking of keeping "Mari Makes" as the main brand, which allows me to keep some of the identity I've built, while also giving me the freedom to pivot a bit in terms of product.

What's my Unique Selling Point?

I appeal to the young knitter and crocheter who wants stylish, modern, tasteful gifts that alludes to their craft without the cheugy “Live, Laugh, Knit” signs, or eyeroll-inducing "I'd rather be knitting" mugs.

Mission Statement

Trying to refine between one of these:

  • Delight the modern fiber artist with handmade, sustainable gifts.
  • Uncommon gifts for the modern fiber artist.
  • Thoughtful, uncommon gifts for modern knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists.
  • Practical, uncommon gifts for the modern fiber artist.
  • Thoughtful, tasteful gifts to delight the modern fiber artist.
  • Vintage gifts for modern makers

Brand Questionnaire

Core Values

Empathy, resourcefulness, authenticity

What do I sell?

Uncommon, tasteful gifts for fiber artists

What is the price range?


What three words best describe me?

Resourceful, responsible, clever, caring (ok i know that's 4)

What three words best describe my style?

Precise, practical, elemental/organic

What are my favorite brands and why?

Two of Wands (knitwear designer): I love her modern, clean approach to pattern design. She makes patterns that feel modern, wearable, and stylish. I also love her clean, organic, nature-y brand aesthetic

What is my customers' emotional response to my brand and the brand experience?

I want people to feel like I care, to feel like "yes, I'll actually use this thing and love it" and to feel like I really get it, and I really get them. I want them to feel seen and acknowledged.

Where do I currently sell?

I barely sell, but mostly on Depop, Poshmark, and a little Etsy

Where would I like to sell?

More intensely on Etsy, but also try out a couple of new platforms (JustArtisan and GoImagine). Eventually I'd like to start on my own site or Shopify.

Where do I see my business in 1 year?

I see myself on Etsy and 1 other platform with at least a dozen sales. I want to feel like I know my products and am starting to build an audience.

5 years?

I want to have a couple hundred dollars of steady income a month, to have a dedicated audience/customer base, and to have the business be integrated into my life.

10 years?

I want to be self-sustaining and maybe able to go part-time with my desk job.

Who is my ideal customer/client?

Young people who knit and crochet who want cool stuff that communicates they're a maker without feeling like they're flashing something they got at a Spencer's Gifts.