Margs's Temp°

Margs's Temp° - student project

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A simple weather app showing the current temperature, location, chance of precipitation, wind speed, pollen count and smog level.

Right rail shows forecasted weather for the rest of the day and next few days. As the user swipes this rail upwards the main panel updates to show the details of the selected time/day.

Users can swipe the main panel (left/right) to view weather of other locations.

Users can pull the main panel down, to change their settings (celcius vs fahrenheit) and add/edit locations.

Margs's Temp° - image 1 - student project


I'm still exploring colours but will be using a heat map idea with the the colours based on temperature and time of day.

I'll be adding icons for: chance of precipitation, wind speed, pollen count and smog level instead of text.

UPDATE (22/4)

I'll be adding a few more screens to show improved UX (hopefully tomorrow or Wed night depending on work)

1) Users can gently pull the main screen down to show the celcius vs fahrenheit setting, users will be able to leave this upper tray open if they choose.
Use case: As a celcius person living in a fahrenheit country I'm constantly switching between the two to 'translate' the temperature. Having this easily accessible but not always displayed would add great value.

2) Pulling the main screen down further or quickly pulling the screen down will show the settings screen. In settings users will still be able to set cities and also be able to select which data points they want displayed. The default data shown will be; chance of precipitation and wind speed. (still thinking abut this though)
Use cases:
• During pollen season showing the pollen count will be useful to those suffering from allergies/hayfever.
• Users in polluted areas may be more interested in smog levels
• Peope excited about windsurfing, sailing, flying etc will be interested in wind speed
and so on...

UPDATE (25/4)

Margs's Temp° - image 2 - student project

To Dos

• Display Preferences for users to choose which data points they'd like displayed (precipitation, wind speed, pollen count, smog level, tides, sunrise, sunset)

• Finish drawing icons

• Mockups of cooler weather and nightime colours

• Dribbble shot