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Britta F.

Freelance Designer



Margret Atwood's Oryx and Crake


I have been looking at all the amazing renaissance illuminated letters for inspiration. They're ornamented and floral. 

The themes I settled on for the drop cap are the pill/apple, the Fall (in the biblical sense), Oryx as eve/temptress and savior. These are all orbiting the central issue in the book of the start of the apocalypse; how it all went down. I started drawing some ideas based loosely on the calligraphic drop caps of renaissance texts. 

Then I found this guys' fantastic work! Really inspiring and well crafted lettering. I thought a style would be a good bridge between the modern and the ancient architypes. 

Oryx and Crake is such a fantastic story. It is broad and sweeping, current. At its core it is a love story, though the backdrop is part science fiction, part dystopia, part creation myth, part post-apocalyptic world. 

I chose this book because it poses a difficult duality. I love the grit, the crumbling society, the themes of disintegration and loss. But there is a concurrent narrative of redemption and rebirth. However misguided the intentions of Crake, his vision is for a new harmonius world  built through science, no matter the cost. And Snowman is slowing drinking himself to starvation and death, but stuck in the role of Unwilling Savior to the new, genetically built lifeform he has promised to watch over, the only thing left after the destruction of his world as he knows it. 

So my starting point is ripe. 

Stay tuned for more updates and sketches. 



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