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Gaëlle Lalonde

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I love this class! The best so far I have taken about logos!
It's hard to say what the diference is between an ok class and an awesome class, but Mackey has the secret sauce! I would take any other class by him! :)

I doubt I am going to get so much feed back, since this class is a bit older, but if you happen to be passing by, I would love to hear what you think!

I'm designing a logo for my company I will be launching next year.
It is a little legwear label named Marelle that will be concentrating on organic unisex baby tights with very graphical (or rather illustrative) designs (I would like to expand to other kids' legwear at some point).

I am working at develloping the branding identity (doing in parallel this other awesome class "Beyond the logo; crafting a Brand Identity by Courtney Eliseo) right now and it is so much fun. My background is the arts and illustration, so it's a whole new aproach to visuals, but I enjoy it way more than I ever thought!

So to start, here is my moodboard for my identity in general, I did not make one specifically for the logo, because I feel I have enough to get inspired on there, and the logo is part of the whole, of course.


Here are some keywords that are important for my design:

  • diy feeling
  • kids and adults friendly!
  • Sophisticated hippy
  • Inclusive

Another important thing to know I guess, is that Marelle means Hopscotch in french (I am a franch canadian living in Germany!)

I really like the name because it is playful and has a timeless quality, and the game of hopscotch even has to do with legs! But there is quite a challenge coming with it, because the game looks like a cross in many of its forms (I made a pinboard of hopscotch around the world, if you are interested!). I am not religious and I really don't want any religious association or connotation in my logo! Nevertheless, I am very interested in having a drawing being part of my logo, also because I want a system of coordinating logos in the end.

Anyways, here are some sketches!


On this coming page, I feel like I am on the right track... not QUITE there yet, but in the right direction! Still have to find the solution for my hopscotch game drawing.


I decided on a sketch that I refined and am going to try it inillustrator:


This is what it looks like in illustrator!
So many good insights from the teacher. I am pretty happy with the result for now.


Here is a new version on the logo after some working-on! 


I'm meeting with a friend who is a graphic designer and typographer next week, so I guess I will be able to make big improvements after that! I'll keep you posted!

... So I met with my friend who gave me a lot of great feedback (spacing, loop of the m, colors, I let go of the shape, etc etc) and this is what my logo looks like now! Great class, but an actual friend also makes a huge difference ;p

I'm starting to be very happy with it!

I might add some texture etc on the color version, and will keep a black version for watermark, stamp, etc


I would love any feedback! I'm very open! Thanks for taking the time to look at my project!


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