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Lisa Goulet

Visual Arts grad.



Mardi Gras Pancake Lunch

I design all of the internal event posters at my workplace and was having a hard time coming up with ideas for our next event, a Mardi Gras themed pancake lunch buffet. 

The last time we hosted a buffet I actually recreated it on a weekend and shot an overhead photo of a buffet with strategic places for the text. It turned out great, but I'm on a tighter deadline this time and don't have the luxury of a weekend's time to get it out. With photography out of the question, my next thought was to illustrate a poster. Drawing is easy enough and quick enough that I can bang it out by the end of the day. However, I didn't want to just do a straight up illustration of some pancakes and I struggled to come up with imagery I really liked that would be simple enough to complete quickly. My third option was to make a text-based poster, like the Weezer example in the Welcome video. 

Here are my thumbnail sketches with layout ideas for a text based poster, a photograph inspired illustrated poster, and a vintage inspired illustrated poster.

My favourite idea after reading some history on the holiday, specifically as it was celebrated in New Orleans, is to play around with type and make a poster that features the phrase 'laissez les bon temps rouler.' 

A lot of the posters and imagery I have found around the holiday centre around a masked girl with a feathery headdress against a purple background. I've quickly decided against using a mask or a purple background in my project. Two of the images I like the most were this ad design for King Cakes, and this sheet music cover. The yellow background in the sheet music cover really appeals to me, as does the opportunity to use a gradient to highlight information that could be missed or deemed less important. I love the vintage feel to the King Cake advertisement and the warm colours. 

From there, I make a quick colour palette and line up another thumbnail sketch with room for additional info at the bottom. I search for some fonts to use as well, because I want to re-use my fonts for future events to keep some semblance of unity between my posters and make them recognizable. 

From here, I create a digital sketch with the colour palette applied and some sample text. I really want my text to be thick, tall sans serif with an inline for a green stripe to add a little interest, but this is not the font I was looking for. I also am thinking about using a half tone on the background for some texture. The colours are SUPER bright and I want to muddy them out, but I think I like the overall layout. Anyways, this file will let me play around with the scale of all the elements, and I plan on trying out different fonts. 


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