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Marco's Daily Do's

1. Introduction and Selecting Your Referents

     My Narrowed List:

2. Design Techniques to Maximize User Comprehension

b. Experiment with design techniques

Here are my technique experiments with "Eat Lunch" (iconic) and "Watch News" (narrative).

c. Sketch your referents

My original narrowed list from above has been ammended. This new list is more eaily understood, and provides ideas for a more concise design. (The stronger sketches are represented by a darker color.)

3. Drawing Symbols in Illustrator

b. Share an icon

Here are my first five icons! I wanted to share them as soon as I had a handful.

4. Polishing Your Designs and Putting it all Together

b. Share your timeline

I have finalized my icons (Yay!). Here they are in the outline style. I altered some of the icons, and others I replaced altogether.

I gave myself one rule to follow: the icons must have as few curves as possible. I replaced the curves with the 30- and 60-degree angles used by the hexagon (or close to those angles in a few cases).

I had fun making these and I hope you enjoy them:


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