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March to Jesus - Tee


Hey folks!

It's been a while since my first post, and I just like to emphasize the difficulty I have with hand drawings. So I have found a style I like, and I am posting the result I have:

I feel there is something still missing in my design, and I would like to hear any suggestions you may have, as I really want to improve the creation process, and maybe I will start drawing something.

Thanks folks!



This design will be made for an event our church has, but we have no issues in being modern by using different elements. The key thing is: Show up a strong message as well as providing a great t-shirt people can go out and hang out in any places.

I just found a great idea to get the project started, and I don't actually know how to draw, but I would be glad with any references you may have. This is the image:

Just liked the idea of having a root, and a message such as: "Jesus is risen and available, we will march and reach him!". There is a second idea, which may also match what I really need:

The logo with the words would also be a great bet for the project. I would like to hear suggestions from any of you guys and will be highly appreciated with any additional options/experience you may share, or even tips to get started.

Thanks, Cleiton.


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