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March Sketches

Day 12 - Collection:

My collection is about keychains. They are easy and yet unique to collect when it comes to the memories attached to them. Below are a few.


Day 14 - Sketching materials

For sketching materials I have my watercolour pan set which is the one thing I will hold on to over most other stuff.


Day 15 - Stranger

I saw this middle aged man walking in a fast pace on an evening. A perfect common man in my mind, quickly captured a few qualities.


Day 16 - Animals/Birds

I don't have a pet now. So I drew this pigeon like bird which was in my balcony. Its summer already here and I hardly find any bird :(


Day 17 - Flowers

I have a mini garden. The rose has started sleeping now, so for now my inspiration comes from memory only ;(


Day 18 - Bag

This is my goto bag for now. A simple cotton shoulder bag. It just has a small pouch for little things otherwise its just one big pocket :D. I can take almost anything with me. I like the multicoloured pattern.


Day - 19 - Accessories

This is my bracelet Since it is silver it goes with all kind of outfit and it doesn't clash with any of the colours too ;)


Day 20 - Pattern

This is a cushion in my sofa. It is completely checkered but for this drawing I decided to contain in the middle part.  I wanted it to be bright, original is blue and red, so imaginary colour and real pattern cushion.


I joined the workshop only today. I have enrolled in the class and found it to be very encouraging. Thank you Elisa.

Day 1 - Self Portrait

I have enjoyed drawing portraits of celebrities in pencil. But to do a self portrait I just wanted to rush through! This may not be an accurate portrayal, but I think the defining factors are present. I will try harder next time :)



Day 2 - Trees

I can see a lot of trees from my balcony. But I chose this because this was interesting. This neem tree was caged as a sapling to be protected from goats, cows and such animals. 



Day 3 - Lunch / Dinner

I skipped my lunch today and could not wait until dinner :) . So I considered my breakfast - toasted wheat bread with some fried chicken ;)



Day 4 - Building

This is the tallest residential building in our area. This is again seen from my balcony.



Day 5 - Fruit

Banana is my favourite and I like to have them any time of the day.



Day 6 - Book

I like the way Agatha Christie's books unfold the mystery. I am currently reading this one.



Day 7 - Drink

Well, it's getting thirsty already here. And a cold milkshake, even if only packaged, is still quite enjoyable for me :)



Day 8 - Shoes

I don't wear shoes much, I hope sandals are okay. These are my go to sandals when I have to walk for quite a while. It never fails to keep my feet relaxed. 


Day 9 - Clothes :

Clothes - For clothes I could not get past the santa cap. This has been in my closet for a longtime and I could not avoid. The girl in skirt was out of my imagination...



Day 10 - Appliances:

Microwave oven has been a silent yet effective partner in my kitchen. 


Day 11 - Vegetables:

I do tend to include healthy vegetables in my meals but I do not have much of a favourite. Capsicum is currently sitting in my fridge and most likely will go into sandwich snack ;) .



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