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March Sketch Your Life

Day 7: Drink

I love sparkling mineral water or even club soda with fresh lemon. This is lemon flavored sparkling spring water. Its one of my luxury items. I have this new watercolor set that I'm exploring through this project. I had a few professional commissions and bought a set with the income. I have to say I am having a blast exploring the colors and the pigments are so vibrant. I also purchased a gorgeous #8 sable brush. I have a watercolor travel book around somewhere which will really do these tools justice. For now I'm just using a cheap sketchbook. I miss the toothed paper.


Day 6: Book

I read this book everyday. My son loves petting the soft fur that is on the puppy's ear. It shows up through a hole on every page. It used to be my book. Its still one of my favorites.


Day 5: Fruit

Sitting next to my sister as we indulge in her favorite fruit.


Day 4: Building

It was too late to sketch an actual building, so I had fun rendering my son's toy. I tried to mute the colors and make them more harmonius than primary.


Day 3: Lunch or Dinner

I'm typically shoving food in my mouth with my baby on my hip trying to grab at it, or if he is sitting patiently in his highchair I am eating as if there is a contest to win. These are my snacks after he has fallen asleep when I can savor the fresh, juicy color.


Day 2: Tree

It's really yucky outside today, so I looked inside for trees. I found this large houseplant always overlooked and stashed in the corner. The only one who recognizes its presence is the one who keeps it alive. Yesterday I painted first then added the pen as an accent, but today I drew with pen first and painted last. I'm not sure which I prefer yet. Are there strengths or purposes for the different methods?


Day 1: Self Portrait

Recently I moved in with my parents to help with my new baby, and I'm looking at my home and myself differently. My self portrait is my reflection in my mom's tabletop vanity. I can see myself among her jewelry and perfume just as her daughter would, but this time I can see myself through her eyes as a mother.


Introduction: Hi, I'm Carrie

The project itself is more valuable than the prize, though it's a perfect incentive to keep me going for all 30 days. I've been wanting to pick up this habit again since I lost it a year ago when I became pregnant. To make the time for myself and sketch everyday despite the chaos of being a new mom is invaluable. I'd also love for my son to witness that a daily creative habit is healthy and rewarding.


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