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March Sketch & Paint

P.S.: Currently very tired, but I will edit some comment here and will reply to any comments after I get some rest. Meanwhile, enjoy the drawings. I added 26-31. :) Very sorry for the poor phone camera quality though.

31. What Captures Your Senses
This is the view I see whenever I take a walk in the park across my apartment. On the middle right is a mountain that I like to imagine as a protective mother figure which oversees us living around it. I always stop to take in the view as it never fails to mesmerize me with how sublime it is. I've always wanted to paint it but never had enough courage to do so. Thankfully, this class gave me the push I needed to go out and do it. I don't think my drawing doesn't do the beauty any justice but I hope you enjoy it. :)


30. Contents of...
My computer desk drawer. A tray of pens, scissors, and paper clips on the left. A check book, sticky notes, and my Wacom drawing pen in the middle. Receipts on top of my drawing tablet on the right. I love the monochromes with a strip of color in the middle.


29. Toiletries
A couple of my perfumes. Somehow most of them are pale pink color. I don't use perfumes that much but I love all the different, beautiful bottles they came in. My favorite scent is my cherry blossom perfume.


28. Transport
MY SO's beloved car. He bought it two years ago when his previous car, which was still pretty new, was totaled after a motorcycle T-boned us. We drove through two states for about 16 hours once with our current car so I'd say we've been through a lot with it and it's very special for us.


27. Cafes or Stores
During our walk, my SO needs to go to the restroom and we stopped by this teeny, tiny corner coffee shop. It barely has any room inside to fit the equipments, the cash register, and the food display. They only have two set of tables and chairs outside. I didn't buy their drinks since my stomach started refusing coffee a couple of years ago, but I had their tomato and cheese scone which was delicious.


26. Go Somewhere New
Went to a sculpture park for a walk and this sculpture left a deep impression on me. It felt like somebody photoshopped it and put it there. It was tall so it stood out so much, yet the ghost white color made it seems like it's trying not to stand out in the middle of the office area.


25. Old Things
I found this umbrella a couple year ago when I was going home from school. I saw it while lying on the curb while I was crossing the street, and being the poor, umbrella-less art student I was, I picked it up. The handle didn't fit the paper so I drew it on the right side to show how well-used it is. The two black parts are from the handle that came off but are still tied to the strap. Despite that and how faded the yellow color is, it is still usable.


24. Furniture
It's the IKEA stool I sat on to draw the day before. I think this is the most colorful piece of furniture we have in the house; everything else is either wood or black. We bought this last year since my SO was having a difficult time to get up after wearing his tall laced boots for work. It's also very convenient to have when I have to wash some things in the bath tub.


23. Everyday Activities of People
Sat on a stool to draw my SO using the computer. I'm not very good at drawing people on the spot since I get confused when they start to move around, but this was quite satisfying.


22. Texture
Coming Soon. I'm working on it! :)

21. Desserts
Banana bread is one of my favorite thing from childhood. I've been learning how to bake by myself these past two years and banana bread was my first thing I baked that is actually edible. There were a couple of overripe bananas lying around so I baked this last week, and since My SO just bought two big jars of Nutella, I decided to experiment and put some in. It turned out very good.


20. Patterns
I have a set of ceramic measuring bowls with patterns that reminds me of indigo dyeing. I turned this upside-down so I can see the pattern better. I love how I can see the overlapping in the pattern that makes it feels very handmade.


19. Accessories
I'm guilty of collecting to much accessories. I love earrings the most but  these three are my favorites. The ring I bought on a trip to Bali with my family. The Balinese are popular for their silversmithing. We went to a silversmith and my mother bought me this unique ring. The pattern reminds me of a lion-like creature from the Balinese mythology called Barong. The two necklaces I bought together from a store in Houston. The tiny harmonica actually works. I've tried to play 'Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star' and the birthday song with it. I think the bird skull necklace is supposed to be a crow? It's not real, though. Ever since I was a child I've been curious with things my friend would describe as creepy. (I'm better now, though. Haha.)


18. Bag
I prefer to go out with as little as possible so I usually can get anywhere just by taking this wallet/wristlet/pouch thing. It looks small but it has 5 pockets and fits my phone, keys, cards, a lip balm, a lip crayon, a hand lotion and a bunch of bandages.


17. Flowers
Bought a bouquet from our infamous, tourist-packed farmers market. I was expecting peonies (one of my favorites) but it was too early in the season and tulips were abundant. We have a popular tulip festival here too. I love flowers and plants but I'm bad at taking care of them so I always love getting a bouquet. I also usually try to dry them if I can. If I get roses, I usually hang-dry them. I think this is the second time I got tulips and I had only learned that they bloom in the day and close up at night (nyctinasty?).


16. Animals
I missed the chance to go out sketching in daylight so I drew from a picture I had of one of my ex-bosses' pomeranian. My ex-bosses were an old couple who were like family to me and I used to stay at their place after work since my place was pretty far. They had three pomeranians and this one, who is the oldest one, was called Skippy. He was my favorite but unfortunately, he suddenly passed away recently. He used to greet us when we got back. I would bow down and he would put his front paws on my knees and gave me a kiss. He loved getting rubs and pets and if I stopped he would use his snout to move my hand to his head to ask for more pets. He was very precious.


15. Stranger

I spied on the maintenance/construction workers across the apartment. I was very nervous that they would notice me and they were also moving frequently so I had to draw very fast. One (the left and right drawing) was shoveling some dirt and then sweeping. The middle one was climbing down a ladder.


14. Sketching Materials

I know it's not much different than my usual drawing. I forgot about the "try a different medium part". :( I just used a regular paint brush and a different brand of pen (Copic Multiliner SP. Feel free to ask if you want to know my opinion on this refillable pen compared to Sakura Micron. ;) ) I'm an art supplies hoarder but for daily sketching I try to keep a minimum amount of tools since I find it's harder for me to start when I have too many choices.

I have had my Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box for a couple of years and it's compact for travel and has enough color choices. My brush is the brush pen that comes with the water color set. I also made a tiny color chart that fits inside the box. The pen I regularly use is 0.3 mm Sakura Pigma Sensei. It's similar to the Sakura Pigma Micron but has darker ink. (I think. It's either that or my Microns are too old.) Sadly, other than the 0.3 mm, Pigma Sensei has a tip like a Sharpie marker. My last two tools are a white Gelly Roll pen for highlights, and a cup of water in a red Solo cup.


13. Family
My SO is the type who always moves around and it was hard to draw him even when he was asleep. I was almost finished with the lines when he moved in his sleep so I had to color it without a reference. Before we got together we've known each other for a couple years but weren't close at all, and one day it just happened. I'm very lucky to have him in my life. :)


12. Collection
I love going to the zoo and pulled my SO along with me at first, but he started enjoying it too. On the second zoo we visited together, he suggested we buy a snowglobe from the zoo store as a souvenir. That's where our zoo snowglobes collection started. Now we have a small collection of six snowglobes from three different US states lined on our fireplace mantel.


11. Vegetables

I mostly eat anything but I used to hate eggplant, not in the way I don't like the taste of it, but just because I didn't like it as a kid. When I started college and was living with my grand aunt. One day she cooked a traditional Indonesian dish (where I'm from) for dinner. It was eggplant topped with chili sauce. It's funny how I ate it because would feel bad if I refuse eating it, and ended up liking it. Now eggplant is one my favorite vegetables.


10. Appliances
Growing up in the Southeast Asia, rice is a staple and I eat it daily. Back in college our old decent rice cooker broke and being the poor college student I am, I bought a $20 rice cooker. Needless to say, it made horrible rice. Half of the rice it cooked would turn really hard that I had to throw it away. Afterwards me and my brother decided to pitch in to buy a good rice cooker so we don't have to suffer from eating dry rice. A good bowl of rice is that important for us. We decided on this famous Japanese brand which is quite expensive. It's pretty tiny but there's only two of us anyway. More importantly, it always makes the perfect rice! My favorite feature is the tune it plays whenever it starts or finishes cooking.


9. Clothes
This is my winter jacket. I was born and grew up in a tropical country so I'm not exactly fond of cold weather. Even when I live in Texas the winter wasn't really windy so I used to just wear short, thick jacket and it was enough. The winter is windy and rainy in the Pacific Northwest though, so a warm and waterproof jacket is necessary. I love that it's a long jacket. Cold bottoms are not so fun.


8. Shoes
A couple of shoes that have intimate meanings for me. Top left is my SO's boots for work. Top right is the first shoes he bought me. The bottom two (or one and a half) are ours hiking shoes. We bought it together not long after I moved out from Texas to be with him. It's actually men hiking boots since the women section didn't have a decent selection, and mine is only half a size smaller than his. (I'm cursed with a wide feet. Haha.)


7. Drink
My favorite drink is tea. There's just so many kind with all different flavours! One of my favorite kind is ginger tea with milk. Where I'm from we have a ginger tea drink called wedang jahe. We boil water with pieces of ginger and brown sugar and let it simmer for a while. I usually add warm milk to it and it's the best drink when it's rainy (which we get a lot of), when I have an upset stomach, or just when I need unwind. The mug in the drawing is one I'm very fond of too. (I lived in Houston for a while and Texas is like my second hometown.)


6. Book
For me, books in their tangible forms are the best though e-books also have their uses. Feeling the book in my hands and turning the pages as I read are important parts in the reading experience itself. I think my favorite book(s) is the Harry Potter series since I grew up reading them, but I don't currently have my copy with me. I decided to draw a Richard Scarry's children book as his works are also my favorite. Reading them as a child was what made me realize my passion in art. Since his works are always whimsical and very detailed, they are entertaining for both children and adults.

It was a bit difficult to draw an illustrated book cover. There are some stuffs I had to leave out since they didn't fit. I guess I have to observe my object more carefully next time to achieve a better proportion.


5. Fruit
Just went grocery shopping yesterday and they had some starfruits (or in my native language, belimbing) in stock. I always love the shape of this fruit so I thought it's perfect for the prompt. I also drew a cut piece of the fruit


4. Building
It was raining today so I had to draw this inside. It's an apartment building from another window of my apartment. It's a bit out of proportion but drawing all the lines felt very therapeutic. I also realize that ever since I started doing this project, I began to notice things I haven't noticed before since I'm looking at them more carefully now. I didn't notice the chimneys on the roof until I was drawing that area. Somehow it's very exciting to discover new things from what you see every day.


3. Lunch or Dinner
I had a very late lunch today and was too starved to draw this carefully. The shape of the food also didn't help so they look like blobs. It's supposed to be white rice with a side of meatballs with onion and cabbage in some sort of sauce I cooked for dinner last night. I also love to eat with a small bowl. I shouldn't have put a bit of yellow watercolor for the rice. Now it looks just weird.


2. Tree(s)
The tree I can see across my 3rd floor apartment from my living room window. I live in the Evergreen State so there are many trees like this round here. I added the buildings around it to give a general idea of the size of the tree.


1. Self-Portrait
I did the first one while standing in my bathroom looking at the mirror since it's the only big enough mirror in the house. It was very hard as I was trying to hold my sketchbook and standing still. I started drawing from the eyes instead of the overall face which is probably the reason it ended up looking wonky and not like me at all. It was fun though! I usually draw with pencil and I always have this anxiety to erase when I make mistakes. Drawing with pen eliminates that feeling so it is actually very refreshing and relaxing.


I also did a tiny second one from a selfie I took. I think it looks better but then again it's not drawing from life so I guess it defeats the purpose.



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