March “Haftas”

March “Haftas” - student project

After watching this class, I made a chart for a couple of things to be done within the coming week. 

One is prop for a play I’m in. We need “healthy yammy bars with tofu icing” and a sweet potato casserole that can be helped onto plates. The yam effect is shredded orange party napkins made into clumps with watered glue. Marshmallow topping is batting with splotches of brown paint for the toasted effect and the tofu will be conditioner and corn starch mixed, spread and allowed to harden. The sweet potato goo will be orange slime. 

The other project is a watercolor class on my list to take. 


Here’s the chart for these projects. 

March “Haftas” - image 1 - student project


This is a great class for organizing project steps and progress. Thanks so much