Marcela Garza Garza

Designer & calligrapher



Marcela's Project

Hi, here are my goals and reasons for taking this course,

1. I 'm a graphic designer and work together with two partners . Every month I have around 10 different projects and I have to analyze and investigate each brand to finally be able to generate ideas and creative concepts . By the end of July I will be able to retain more information and have more understanding about this clients' brands and needs.

2. In August 15 I will have practiced read more books in english to improve my pronunciation.

3.  I graduated in 2014 and I bought 20 books throughout college that I left incomplete or that I didn't read. So by October 1 I will read every book with an understanding of 70% or more. 

4. I want to know about things, so by November I will have bought books from other issues not related to my profession and must have read them with 70% comprehension in order to expand my knowledge to learn more. 

5. By the end of the year 2015 I will practice hard FROM TODAY throught excercises to improve my memory so that when I talk to somebody I can remember people's name, dates, places more fluid and easily.


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