Marbling with Procreate

Marbling with Procreate - student project

I've been playing around with marbling/liquify since Procreate introduced it, and I love it! I enjoyed the class and seeing more ways to work with it, like adding the grungy, noisy details. I didn't think to do this prior to taking the class and it completes the paintings really well.

This is my black and white painting for the class. To get the really noisy texture, I turned the noise all the way up and used the color dodge blend mode. I think it looks really cool.

Marbling with Procreate - image 1 - student project


These are some that I made prior to the class and then went back to add some grunge and noise. I'm still getting the hang of adding color and splatters in specific areas, but I think the blanket noise layer adds a lot all by itself.

Marbling with Procreate - image 2 - student project

Marbling with Procreate - image 3 - student project

Marbling with Procreate - image 4 - student project

Marbling with Procreate - image 5 - student project


This one I didn't do for the class, but just wanted to share. It's pretty crazy, but fun, maybe hard to look at for too long, haha. I played around with layering, rotating, adjusting color, and trying out different blend modes. It's fun to play and see what happens.

Marbling with Procreate - image 6 - student project