Marbles - student project

Marbles - image 1 - student projectWhat a ride this was! I was searching for a nice tutorial to try something new out, I feel like I hit a block with my recent art progress and wanted to change directions. As I found this course I was instantly hooked, and damn, it was soooooooooooooooo fun! It was brilliant trying out all the new techniques, playing with colors and shapes, I had lots of fun. 


Thank you so so much for this great class, I'll check out the other ones as well. 
If any of you have any feedback on my pictures, I would like to know! <3 Thank you. 

 Marbles - image 2 - student project



Here are my first try’s, only black and white, i had lots of fun to try out all the techniques! 

Marbles - image 3 - student projectMarbles - image 4 - student projectMarbles - image 5 - student project