Marble Meat & Tigers

Marble Meat & Tigers - student project

I wanted to create something with naively sketched tigers for a while now, but for this kind of often used concept, I knew that there was still missing something to make it unique.

So when I discovered this marbeling class I saw my chance to add some kind of "special effect" to my idea: marbled fur!

So on the first step I mixed up black and yellow to end up with something like this:

Marble Meat & Tigers - image 1 - student project

Although I liked this version, I knew that if I wanted to display more of these tigers in one image, I probably should add more contrast and interest. So I added and marbled some white:

Marble Meat & Tigers - image 2 - student project

After creating four of these tigers I thought: This looks like the base for a pattern - what kind of thing would go well with tigers? ... Oh yeah: meat. - also a very good object for marble texture.

Marble Meat & Tigers - image 3 - student project


So, after some crafting in good old Gimp, I am able to present my very first marbled pattern:

Marble Meat & Tigers - image 4 - student project

So, thanks a lot, Rich Armstrong! - You helped me do what I most enjoy: discover new digital art techniques. <3 - I hope someone more close to you bakes you a cake - but a really good one!




PS: Could not resist trying out the performance of marble texture in a basic GIF animation.

Marble Meat & Tigers - image 5 - student project


... Must say:
I am not disappointed and eager to apply this to something more serious in the near future!
[imagine optimistic future emoji]