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Marakame - Favorite Restaurant


This is my project for one of favorite local restaurants. As you see in the photos it has a very bohemian-esque style yet it's right in the middle of downtown and has a kind of elegance that just resonates a lot with me.




As you see in their logo it goes very well with the style of the restaurant but I've always liked the balance and the letter used in their branding so I thought I'd use them as a my little project. My sketching was born out of my love for lettering and handmade fonts, I love the flow and the organic feeling of it, which I think would marry well with the brand's identity. I have several parts for my sketches.

This is part 1.


Tweaking is the funnest part of all but definitely the hardest and the one I struggle with the most because it never looks how I feel it should! Ugh the perfectionism hurts.



Final design. Overall I'm really happy with how this turned out, I don't think I'll be presenting it to the company since before starting I talked with the manager and apparently the brand is well established with the current logo; I don't mind, I enjoy this process very much.

Thanks to Mr. Saturday.



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