"Maracole:Fashion.Art" is looking for "Miss Rodent Rose" 2013!

"Maracole:Fashion.Art" is looking for "Miss Rodent Rose" 2013! - image 1 - student project"Maracole: Fashion.Art" is looking for models for the coming year. You may become the new "Miss Rodent Rose" by simply sending us two photos of you: a close up and a full body. It is important that you include your name, age, and that you tell something about you in 100 words max.

We accept submission of girls between 18 and 23. We will post ythe photos of the candidates on the Maracole:Fashion.Art' s Facebook page, and the audience will do the rest, with a simple "like'.

"Maracole:Fashion.Art" is looking for "Miss Rodent Rose" 2013! - image 2 - student project

"Maracole: Fashion.Art" will run Facebook ads and sponsored stories from Jan 15th to Jan31th. Miss Rodent Rose 2013 will be proclaimed at the end of the campaign, by counting the total "likes" each partecipant will get.

The newly elected "Miss Rodent Rose" will become the cover girl of the campaign "Maracole:Fashion.Art 2013".

In the photo: Violet Bruce, 22 - "Miss Rodent Rose 2012"