Maps  - student project

Ever  since my boyfirend and I  took a vacation to England and Scotlad this past summer, I wanted to map out the entire trip. I have even thought about making it ineractive on a website, but for right now I just want to create someting that is simple and static but pleasing to the eye with the ability to be transformed later into something more interactive. 

I would like to figure out how to make a map that goes from very little detail( big picture) to a lot of detail(very specific) --simiar to the 5 minute drawing that I did of myself compared to the galaxy. 

The dificult part for me( and maybe you all can help me with this) is to organize the information. Do I make one map that shows that routes i took on trains, roads transporation? and then separate maps for each city or country that shows more specific details like coffee shops or places that we visited? 

Me vs. Universe

Maps  - image 1 - student project

Places I call( called) home in Santa Barbara in their relative location. 

Maps  - image 2 - student project