Maps of Madona

Maps of Madona - student project

I decided to create maps of city Madona, Latvia. This is a city I briefly lived and studied in. I adapted these maps for my bachelors' final project. To make a series, I made 3 different maps that show the possibilities of entertainment in the city.

The maps were made in the Latvian language to fit the target audience of my uni project. I tried my best to translate some of the titles below :)


Created the background for the map using the biggest brush I had.
Maps of Madona - image 1 - student project

Google maps screenshot of the places I wanted to illustrate.

Maps of Madona - image 2 - student project


I decided to rotate the map to fit in more points of interest.

Maps of Madona - image 3 - student project


Maps of Madona - image 4 - student project


Maps of Madona - image 5 - student project



I used the brushstrokes for map title background and the light textures for map background.

Maps of Madona - image 6 - student project

Maps of Madona - image 7 - student project


The toughest part of this project was doing the calligraphy. I guess that's why all the text styles came up really similar.

Maps of Madona - image 8 - student project


I started by listing the places in my notebook and then travelling to the city to make photo references. 

Maps of Madona - image 9 - student project


Here are a few of the photographs I took for reference and icons I drew in AI.

This is Madona Art School of J. Simsons. I studied here for 5 years.

Maps of Madona - image 10 - student project


Madona House of Culture where concerts take place.

Maps of Madona - image 11 - student project


Madona Town square - to see the precise time of the day.

Maps of Madona - image 12 - student project


"Madonas Maiznieks" is a bakery that sells warm bread, cookies, pound cakes and other tasty stuff.

Maps of Madona - image 13 - student project


For this project, I chose a color scheme influenced by the city's coat of arms. The red colored shield depicts the yellow colored head of a rooster turned to the right (as seen in Town Square illustration).



The first map is titled "Madona for Aesthetes". I illustrated 5 different places that everyone who loves art, music, cinema and culture should visit if they ever come to Madona.

Maps of Madona - image 14 - student project



The second map is titled "Stroll through Madona". I illustrated 5 different places that everyone who loves an active lifestyle and taking long walks should visit if they ever come to Madona.

Maps of Madona - image 15 - student project



The third map is titled "Madona for Gourmets". I listed 6 places where visitors can have a different gourmet experience starting from fresh bread to pork chops and potatoes.

Maps of Madona - image 16 - student project



While doing the bachelors project I thought it would be fitting to adapt the maps for postcard use.

Maps of Madona - image 17 - student project


Thank you for this class!