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Maps and Atlases (poster)

my band of choice is Maps and Atlases, from Chicago, Illinois (no words to explain how talented these guys are) I started listening to them in 2005 when they released "Trees, Swallow, Houses"

My poster is based on their song title "Living Decorations" (makes me think of all urban plant life)

My family is big on plants & gardening, so I tend to lean towards drawing plants and tree elements when doodling.

I decided to sketch out a few tree ideas, before deciding upon this thumnail sketch below


I sketched out a larger version below 


Here I traced/inked the larger tree sketch (the pencil markings are from me playing around with the lettering, house, etc. 

The house I ended up adding very last, as I felt the tree alone was not enough, even though now I sort of feel the house takes away from the tree slightly. I dont know =D



After playing around with it in illustrator for a few days I went between using autumn colours for my tree, then I decided last minute to use more summer colours as it still mid August. =D



Thanks for checking out my poster everyone, let me know your thoughts!

It was fun learning how to setup for print, etc

I had tons of fun doing this class thanks again Jesse!

Looking forward to more of your classes in the future, hopefully!


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