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Mapping the Internet Shopping Experience--Coupon Codes, Price Tracking and Current Stats

Here is my sketch! The width and frequency of the hash marks will represent the duration and number of sites the users search for codes. The hash tags will make the design look like a barcode. The left side will have tons of activity (many lines, varying widths)  and the right side (poachit user) will just have one thin line, representing a quick and easy shopping tool. The center will track the "dynamic pricing" of one shoe that both users are shopping for. Over the course of one week the shoe will drop in price and then return back to normal price (factoids will explain that this pricing system is very common and a method used by countless online merchants). 

I want to create an infographic that at its core describes the internet shopping experience of an average individual. Interjected into the story line will be current statistics regarding coupon codes, shopping cart abandonment and basic information about ECommerce. Using common questions and hangups of the average online shopper represented on a linear trajectory, I aim to visually represent data regarding time and money saving benefits of web applications and bookmarklets versus traditional or historical methods of couponing. 

Update--I've decided to follow two users and document their time spent looking for coupon codes that work as well as the number of sites they use to follow those coupon codes over the course of the week. One user, will be using traditional methods, the other will be using a tracking/coupon code tool. Essentially, I'll be telling the story of one user getting a deal effortlessly and the other missing it. Additionally, I'll insert facts/details about ecommerce and codes. 


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