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Mapping memories of China

Last year i went on a 3 week travelling experience of China, i went with  a large group of close friends who have family in China and we toured and visited different regions to visit them.

This is a map for fun but also for learning as i want to document all my travels with a map of my journey and experiences.

It would also be nice to present it as a gift to the others in the group to help them remember our time together.


First hand experience and a whole lot of documented photos makes me an expert at doing this particular map. A background in illustration and a love of maps just makes it so much more enjoyable!

I would like to use this as a personal map however if i find that i love creating them and have a knack for mapmaking then i would love to add this as an additional skill to offer clients so my final map will be at a high professional standard at the end.

I would also like my map to help educate others that may be interested in visiting China or who have have similar memories of the country to help them rediscover them.

City names, building names and dates visited are the key facts i want to use. I don't need the maps to act like accurate directions, just for the places to have a space within the map framework so people can understand the journey we took and what we found there. Visual data is important to get across, so the look of the building and environment instead of individual street names.

Final piece will be printed to go into a frame or to be folded and included in a memory box/ album. Due to this the type can't be too small and the buildings need to have a good overall shilhouette and not be overcluttered with too many realistic details as they would just become confusing.

“Dear classmates, I need your help/expertise/ 
guidance on how to.....make the map readable to others that didn't visit these places. I need helpful feedback on if it's becoming confusing and trying to show too much all at once.


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