Maple Leaf + Sunflower + Hibiscus

Maple Leaf + Sunflower + Hibiscus - student project

Maple Leaf + Sunflower + Hibiscus - image 1 - student projectMaple leaf (replace monstera) lesson. I liked mixing my colors similarly.  I'm not as careful with my white space (I get too excited and I want to move on). I used a color palette very much like the monstera colors of Cat's example.  140# cold press Windsor & Newton and Sakura half pans. 

Next, the Sunflower.  Ok, I will confess.  I got swept up with the petals and lost track of layers. I have always wondered what that little half pan of white was used for?  I used this white as taught for this lesson.  Nice to know that you can make watercolors more opaque.  My tactic on the petals was to outline with a pen (I love watercolor and pen) and add some leaves.  I will behave with the Hibiscus. Promise.  


I behaved and let the watercolor do what watercolor does. The Hibiscus image is the one most successful in following @catcoq teaching to let the "blooming" happen. I have gotten so used to "fixing" edges by relying on pen to outline those imperfections.  I did use a bit of watercolor pencil to define places that I wanted to bring some color in. This, by far, is where I controlled by inner self to NOT keep going, and I think it is my most beautiful..

Maple Leaf + Sunflower + Hibiscus - image 2 - student projectMaple Leaf + Sunflower + Hibiscus - image 3 - student project

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