Map to my stomach

Map to my stomach - student project

My project is to make a map for a post for my food blog Map to My Stomach.  I'm think it will be for a recipe, but I envision this blog having stories related to food as well.

I started the blog last summer, and I liked the title, but the blog had nothing to do with maps, and it wasn't holding my interest. The blog wasn't cohesive, and I wasn't enjoying the process of creating content.  Yikes!  Creating content- that sounds like a job, definitely not what I would want to in my spare time.

I decided to take this class just because I love to look at maps and I thought it would be a great way to tell a few pesonal stories. Needlepoint of all the places you've puked in public anyone?  Ok, not funny. I had pretty much forgotten about the blog until today.

I had my eureka moment when I realized that I already had the venue to use my new map making ideas!  Maybe you wouldn't think of a map and recipe as going hand in hand, but I think that's perfect!  I'm looking for a challenge, some constraints, a focus. I see my blog, with new life, as a post accompanied by a map.  Hand drawn most likely, but maybe collaged, stitched, knit, whatever.  I'm sure you can tell I'm all about the analog!

I also was thinking about maps as a way to tell stories and how to intertwine maps with narrative.  I instantly thought of Dora the Exporer, where every episode is essentially a narrative, planned out in a map.  Check out this youtube video (on mute if you enjoy your sanity) to see what I'm talking about.  I think this could be a good starting point for posts that have a story behind them.

This is my hand drawn map of my walk to work every day, which takes about ten minutes:

Map to my stomach - image 1 - student project