Map of my (idealized) hometown. WIP

Map of my (idealized) hometown. WIP - student project

I really loved your class, Ira! But watching you fill in your map so convincingly and fast made me aim too high with my first sketch.
So my map took too long and I could only doodle and draw as I was waiting for something at work. In the end my map has parts I really like, parts I hate, lacks population and has no real balance (strokes, style, perspective changes,...).

Anyway it was a great experience but I think I lack time finishing this WIP.

So here is how far I got depicting a fantasy version of my hometown on the borders of the Black Forest.

I would be very happy about comments that help me do better next time!

Thanks again for this class. It definitely won't be your last I am watching


Map of my (idealized) hometown. WIP - image 1 - student project