Vicky Jean-Louis

Visual Branding Specialist



Map of anything!

Being on maternity leave, and at home with little baby... I didn't have a specific project. So I just had fun with whatever I had on mind. I'm from Canada, between Montreal and Ottawa....

So for suggestion by Anne, here's some fun exercise I did:

Tracing lines from an actual map... (Saint-Sauveur, Quebec - Canada)


Also a map from cupcakes... 8 different counties, and a star on a toothpick to locate where we ate the cupcakes (My County - Prescott-Russell, Ontario - Canada)


And the draft for my actual project (but wasn't sure if it's considered a map - I'm landscaping my backyard and wanted to show to my fiancé where everything should be going and on what to tackle first) (raised food garden, deck, chicken and duck coop, fire pit, picnic table, parking, etc)



So I need to work on this one and maybe doing it digitally so I could move things around if I change my mind.

(Sorry for the poor quality photos - I don't have a scanner and sooo little time with the baby)


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