Map of Victoria's Gorge Waterway - Where my Dragon boat team practices

I signed up for this class because I've been in love with maps my whole life. However, I have always thought I wouldn't be good at making them. So - here I am. 

I needed to submit a handdrawn map for the first milestone (and I'm late) and wanted to begin with something that is near and dear to my heart - my budding interest in becoming a dragon boat paddler. I'm also in love with the water and wanted to focus on a map that has a marine section. 

I'm not sure where to take this at this stage, but glad I've started something ... It's not correct in terms of filling in all streets, etc. I've just used the ones it takes for me to get there. I have to think through where I want this to go - there are lots of maps of Victoria for tourists on land, but few know the rich activity that takes place on the waterway ...


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