Map of Pittsburgh

I really loved this class. I'm tend to start creative projects and never finish, so it was nice to have such a structured class with an end goal in mind. I chose to make a map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because it's my hometown and I've never been able to find a map I like celebrating the city, so this was a perfect opportunity to make my own! My skill with calligraphy is definitely lacking, so I decided to put a mix of more traditional lettering along with some spots of calligraphy, but this was good practice! I chose to do more icons than the course required, because there was so much I wanted to feature, it took some time to balance the pieces out but I think I managed it. It helped a lot to stick to a fairly limited color palette. Thanks so much for this class, Tom it was a really great experience!     d64d4b578756d99091887cc73f099713d702ba27



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