Map of Los Angeles

Map of Los Angeles  - student project

I am making this map for fun. As a creative outlet. I'm slowly looking up ideas on how to better create a map of LA and what I want to focus on. Right now I'm thinking about all the places to go hiking. But it might be more than just that. 

I also want to improve my graphic design skills. I will be posting some brainstorm ideas and what not soon. 


Update: 6/9/13

Here's a link to my pinterest board for the maps: 

Okay I think I figured out what two things I'm going to focus on. They don't relate but it's something you could do in one day together! I have a love for records and a love for diners. So my map will have some awesome and fun diners and places to get records. 

Map of Los Angeles  - image 1 - student project


Unit 2:


I decided to make a map from memory of my favorite place in the whole world. Hunington Beach CA I don't know why I love this place so much, but it was the beach I always went to growing up. I learned to love those milkshakes from Ruby's diner and the whole classic feel. 

Map of Los Angeles  - image 2 - student project



I think I'm going to try to take pictures of all the places on my map and make a little book to go with it so I can add little stories and what not. Maybe I will embrioder the actual map? Thoughts? 



Finally getting to start my map. Maybe I will actually have time to stich something together. But I think I want to make a map like google. And put things in places. Still not too sure yet. Maybe more pictures like a guide book because that's fun too. 

Map of Los Angeles  - image 3 - student project