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Map and pattern



Hi everyone! Helen thank you so much for your classes! I love that they are bite sized so you can easily learn a skill.

I never even thought about how to create a pattern in photoshop. I guess I just assumed it all had to be done with precise measuring so I was thrilled to see this easy technique. I watched your fantasy map class (loved it!) and saw the grass pattern and was blown away! So I hopped over here to see what I could learn. 

I used your techniques from the other class to create some simple map markers for a map I was creating. Then I arranged the  icons and made a pattern from them for the cover of the map. Originally I was going for a 3 color pattern but I accidentally created a mask and it turned my colors to black and white. It was a bit less busy and I liked it better! 

My project I am showing is not exactly the assignment - I hope that is ok. I love this idea of making simple patterns and incorporating them into designs, especially maps. I'm going to experiment some more.

Thanks for the awesome class!


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