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Map Making project

Unit 1 Questions:

Why am I making this map? just for fun! I want to practice thinking about maps in a new way, as I work as a designer for a nonprofit with an international scope. decided I'd start with something personal--my favorite/recommended eats inside the perimeter of Atlanta. Hopefully the map will be a resource of sorts for people wondering where to eat in Atlanta.

Why am I the expert? I have a food blog: so I'm already a go-to person when people wonder where they should go out to eat. I thought it'd be fun to give them a map next time!

Who is my target audience? my friends and family, mostly. Those who share a similar preference for dining out. Probably more specifically 20somethings. $ or $$ spending on meals, so all about in the same price range.

What level of detail do I need? a general map of ITP Atlanta, with each eatery marked by an icon and name and maybe address/website. general markings of 75/85/20.

Final project? will be digital, something to share on a blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, email. Shouldn't need to be printed because everyone carries their phones anyway :) if as a resource, people can pull it up on their phone, so maybe widescreen dimensions.

Dear classmates, anybody have any recommendations on tutorials for a Bamboo tablet? I know how to operate it, but I'd love to know how to really use it.


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