Map Class

Map Class - image 1 - student project

The map above shows the 4 locations of a client's offices. This was created in Illustrator CS5. The odd shape has to fit rather small onthe back of a tri fold brochure. Since these are all based in NJ, no detail in PA was needed or desired. Two of the offices being so close to one another was a typographic challenge. It was wonderful looking at old maps and the perfect pastels they use, as well as how differnt font weights, sizes, and styles are an accepted visual shorthand. IE Large italics with open kerning are state names.

This is the one of the first regional maps I've had to create and just in this year I've had to also create several interior floorplans, which are very challenging. Walls get in the way of type!

Map Class - image 2 - student project

below is "cut up paper assignment"  Hmm, naybe I should have tried smaller peices or right angle cuts? Anyway, still fun to muck about with paper!

Map Class - image 3 - student projectI have a work assignment to make a map showing 4 locations in the Philly-NJ area. Has to be horizontal.Map Class - image 4 - student project