Many "maps" and an iPhone | Skillshare Projects



Many "maps" and an iPhone

"Give me a word to write in different handletterings (is that a word?) and illustrations" -me

"Map" -friend


My favorite lettering is the third one down, which was inspired by my friend talking about wanting to watch "Harry Potter". It feels like what should be on a treasure map to somewhere enchanted. 

My favorite illustrations are the first and last ones. Maps make me think of water and movement, and when creating the waves the "m" just came right out of the pen. I also loved learning the personification tip from this lesson. The MN personified makes it super cute! I have a feeling I will be using that tip frequently.

Here is my iPhone, going about its daily life:


My favorite is the scared one. I like thinking my phone is terrified of any and all water. I also like the happy one, beacuse it's with me walking in an area that would have a strong signal. 


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