Many Mandalas

Many Mandalas - student project

Hi! I'm Kim Duclos and have been a graphic designer for over 25 years and am delving into the world of surface pattern design. I thought it would be fun to color one of the mandala sketches I made in another Skillshare class using the Recolor Artwork tool.

I have some color palettes tucked away in my Adobe Library (originally from photos) that I used as the basis for the palettes used here, then they evolved a bit as I used the recolor tool. I haven't used this tool that much but look forward to using it a lot more.

I came up with 4 palettes I really liked so I had to go beyond the 3 palette requirement.


Many Mandalas - image 1 - student project


Many Mandalas - image 2 - student project


Many Mandalas - image 3 - student project


Many Mandalas - image 4 - student project

Thanks for a great class!

Kim Duclos
Designer & lover of color + mid-century mod